Rental terms and conditions

These rental conditions are observed in orders for accommodation service, reservations and cancellations for ordered services. These conditions are binding for both parties (customer, landlord), when customer has done the reservation for accomodation. Booking services you must be over 18 years old.

Booking confirmation

When customer has done the reservation and paid the advance 30% of accommodation price by the due date, customers gets a confirmation, where is guidance to accommodation and key contact informations. Rest of the payment has to be transacted at least four weeks before first rental day. When reservation is done under six weeks before the beginning of the rental time, the whole price has to be transacted as one amount. Confirmation will be sent after the payment is transacted.


ALWAYS agree with Center of Mindfulness CFM® about cancellation before the beginning of the rental. Cancellation is confirmed, when the information of cancellation has reached the landlord.

Not paying the bill is not cancellation! The landlord has right to cancel the reservation, if the agreed payment is not transacted by the due date.

If the client cancels the reservation:

– 28 days before the beginning of the rental, the reservation payment and the rest of the payment are returned, excluding the 40 € of processing cost.

– Under 28 days before the beginning of the rental, the whole renting costs are charged.

Delivery of the keys

Customer reports at least one day before estimated arrival time to the key holder or landlord. The key is delivered when all the agreed payments have transacted.


In accommodation:

Accommodation is free for customer from arrival day at 4 p.m. until 12 a.m. on departure day. The rental price includes bed linen, basic dishes and fuel to heating system, lightning and cooking. Customers bring their own sheets, towels and cleanes the cabin during the rental time and also in the end of it unless agreed otherwise. Smoking is forbidden in accommodation! If the cleaning is not done properly at the end of the reservation, the owner or guardian has right to charge the cleaning expenses in double. From then forward the case is handled between customer and guardian/landlord.



The customer is obligated to compansate the damages caused in accommodation or to its chattels.


Disorder or dissolution of the rent agreement caused by dangerous situation

If the client ignores the notifications  of causing disorder or causing danger to customers living in same property or in the neighbour, given by the landlord or representative of the landlord, they have right to release the tenancy immediately. All the charges caused by the actions mentioned above are charged from the customer.


Number of people using the accommodation:

The accommodation is meant to be used only by the number of people reported in advance. Using tent, camper and caravan on the property of the accommodation without permission of the owner is forbidden. You need to mention about pets when making the reservation. Fix your pet’s feaces off the property.



All the notifications related to accommodations equipment or condition have to be pointed immediately after they occur straight to the landlord or to guarding as the represtentative of the landlord. If the case can’t be fixed, customer has to make written notification to the land lord for futher handling within one week after the end of the reservation. If the customer and land lord can’t agree, the customer can bring the matter to Consumer Complaint Board.